Established in 2010, the laboratory of data analysis and mapping is a technical hub within the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. Core team includes architects, urban planners, environmental scientist, experts in spatial analysis and in database design and management. The laboratory provides support to faculty and staff in the following topics: Geographical Information System, database design and management, digital mapping, spatial analysis, urban analysis and planning, statistical analysis, data visualization, geospatial training, urban surveys, social and economic research metodology. It promotes the exchange of information and data within and outside the Department. It offers access to a full range of maps and data through the DAStU Sharing Point service and supports the purchase and the distribution of statistical and cartographic datasets.

Laboratory facilities include the most recent software currently used in mapping and data analysis. Among those: GIS – Esri Arc Gis, Grass, Quantum GIS, GvSig; Data Base Management System – MS ACCESS, SQL Server; Statistical Packages – SPSS, R – Office Automation – MS Office, Openoffice; Cad – Autocad; Graphics – Adobe CS4